Critique Of 'Confronting Child Sexual Abuse'

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Critique of 'Confronting Child Sexual Abuse'

I believe the film "Confronting Child Sexual Abuse" enlightened myself on the service of CPS. To be a social worker you need to be able to deal with stress and to be able to leave the job at work when you go home. The case manager is responsible to assure that all the medical and educational needs of the child is meet. The case worker spends 40-50% of their time out in the field. The top priority of the social worker is to keep the parent and child together as long as the parent can get help to keep the child safe. Both the parent and the child need therapy. The parent needs it because now they are a parent of a child with special needs. Non-abusive parents sometimes see therapy as a sign of weakness. The social worker needs to see changes in the family. They want to see that the non-abusive parent

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