Critique of Night Essay

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Critique of "Night"

"When Evil Closed In" is a review of Elie Wiesel's "Night", written by Gertrude Samuels
from the New York Time's. On November 13, 1960, two months after the book was copyrighted.

Samuels writes about Wiesel's current jobs. He is " a United Nation Correspondent for
Israel's newspapers and the NY Jewish Daily Forward." She then writes how he lost his
parents, baby sister, and god. Wiesel was very religious and his experience through the
camps took God out of his life. Samuels describes his arrival at Auschwitz and he "heard
the words, men to the left! Women to the right!" This was a first instance where he
questioned his faith. By the end of his stay at the camps, when his father died, he lost
his faith completely. Samuels finishes her review by telling us that "Night" is written in
French and English, and should be written in German.

The audience Samuels was targeting was the general population. She assumes that we know
about the Holocaust and the concentration camps. Her intentions are to briefly summarize
"Night" and emphasize how disheartening and tragic his story is. This review was presented
in a manner that is very clear and easy to understand. This review is very relevant to
Wiesel's book it is written only two months after the book was released. This book is not
up to date with our current time. Many young people today unfortunately do not know about
the Holocaust's history and the tragic crimes that were committed against many races. The
source Samuels used was the book "Night" itself. Her perspective is that Wiesel's story is
very tragic and tells a real life account of what happened during the Holocaust.
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