Dance And Body Expression Essay

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Dance And Body Expression

The video Dance in the Real World expressed the details of dance and body expression. The
video stated that sometimes the only way to get to know someone is to watch the way they
express themselves through the detail of dance. This video showed many different cultures
of dance. Native Americans traditions have suffered for 500 years. When the band was
lifted from their dance. The Native Americans had many huge POW wows to keep their dance
alive. The Hawaii Hula praised the ancestors, and fertility of the land. It was also band
because it was thought to be immoral. It was keep secretly keep alive by a few families.
Hula has keep Hawaii's traditions through the years. They continue to dance. The dance
moves interrupt words of the songs written. They are always writing new songs to dance
out. They feel their dances bring them closer to the earth. African dance is the knowledge
of life. In African dance the women are suppose to express themselves through their body.
One African American expressed him by saying this; " You never lose your cultural spirit
it is something that is grained into you for life". Everyone chooses to live in this
world. Nobody has to give up anything. Everybody must work harder to maintain where they
came from.

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