Dance: The door to a new Essay

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Dance: The door to a new

Flat stomachs, tone arms, nice, firm buttocks, and nice shapely legs. This sounds like a
familiar dream for many women in the world. Most do not think it is possible for them to
achieve, but clearly all it takes is time.

Aerobics dancing is one of the most effective aids in weight control, with the added
benefits of improved self-esteem and confidence. Many people cannot enjoy life due to
their weight and other problems brought on by being overweight. Those who are overweight
cannot mentally handle the thought of going out and being seen. That is why solutions for
keeping weight within an appropriate range for height, sex, and age are essential.

One of the most effective ways of reaching appropriate weight level is through aerobic
dancing. Physical changes in one's life can be beneficial, but that is not what makes a
person. A person's mental health makes one who she is. There are many ways to improve
mental and physical health. Dancing burns as many calories as walking, swimming or riding
a bicycle. A half-hour of dancing can burn between 200 and 400 calories. One factor that
determines how many calories are expended is the distance traveled. In one study,
researchers attached pedometers to square dancers and found that each person covered five
miles in a single evening. (Dance for the Health of it) The physical changes that can be
beneficial to one's health weigh more than those of the mental state. Even so, it has been
proven that the way one feels about ones' self is better than how one actually is. The
point I am trying to get at is self-esteem. Additionally self-esteem can really mold
personality and can determine how a person's life will end up. For many careers,
individuals need to have a lot of self-esteem. Certain available jobs may hire depending
on the applicant's social status and how well he or she can associate with people. People
who are not very social because of the fear that they will be made fun of, or are afraid
because of their appearance, may allow their weight to interfere with future

Hernandez 2 opportunities. " Because it makes you feel good, you like what you see on the
outside and you like yourself more." (Missett, 21) This tends to help individuals to stand

up and be confident enough to go through with public appearance and not care what other people are thinking.
When combining aerobic exercise and dance, it is considered an aerobic workout. Most of
the time, after a workout, dancers feel energetic and ready to go on to other activities.
Although there may be a sense of fatigue, dancers feel better about themselves. That is
the feeling one gets when one thinks to himself "I feel like I have lost at least ten
pounds." In addition, that feeling is what helps to maintain mental health.

Exercise can and will change personal outlook, personal perceptions and this in turn
affects other areas of life. Stress causes people to get agitated easily and to always be
tense. Dance aerobics has been shown to help relieve stress and allow anyone to feel more
relaxed. "Following a regular aerobics program gives you a sense of commitment and control
- two positive mental attitudes that help counteract stress. Aerobics also relax tense
muscles, thereby completing (and relieving) your body's stress response. Finally, medical
research has shown that regular aerobic activity increases the body's production of
endorphins (a natural sedative) and catecholamines (chemical substances that help
stabilize moods)." (Aerobics for Health) Many times people are stressed about their
weight, and this may cause depression. As Missett has stated in her book, The Jazzercise
Workout Book, "Exercise has been proven more effective than antidepressants." (21) She
goes on to point out, "Stress can cause people to eat more than they should, causing more
stress because they have realized how much more they have gained." (19) She goes on to
assert that "many stress related problems have occurred to many people due to lack of
exercise" ( 24)

Hernandez 3 Admittedly, not everyone enjoys a workout, and probably many people cannot exercise the way they
would find enjoyment in dance. " Aerobics makes exercise more pleasurable, and therefore
people will stay with the program longer." (Missett, 23) Many people look in the mirror
and think about how to make themselves look and feel better. By toning the body, dance
aerobics can certainly help to achieve this. The participant feels as if something has
been accomplished, and this helps to raise confidence.

Writing in Dance Aerobics, Polley points out that those "who progressed from a least fit
level achieved increased emotional stability, imagination, self assurance, besides
self-sufficiency," (12) creating a person who is poised and outgoing. The way people feel
about themselves definitely affects their social life. Those who are more outgoing are the
ones who tend to be invited more places, especially if they add to everyone else's fun.
People tend to look at them a different way. The person might notice that the opposite sex
shows more interest. Not just if they lost weight; people show more interest in those that
have a lot of confidence. It is a sad world, but some companies will not hire overweight
or unfit people because of the risks these conditions may cause completing the job when it
has to do with the safety of others. Especially if individuals let their weight interfere
with their everyday activities, this will this happen.

" Exercise physiologists have found that exercise is a potent stimulus for changing the
way the body looks, works, and feels." (Missett, 84) "Your emotional well being improves
when your body is running efficiently." (Missett, 12) By planning an exercise program,
that is what overweight or out of shape people can accomplish. They can improve not only
their self-esteem but also the way their

Hernandez 4
body will run, even if they do not notice any physical changes. If no physical changes
occur, they can still feel relieved that internally they are helping to improve their
organs by working them harder than

they are used to working. This might help with future problems that may arise if they had not started to exercise.
Internal physical changes may outweigh mental changes, but being internally healthy is
more important than physically healthy. Aerobics does many wonders to increase
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