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Daniel Jimenez
The movies and god
Professor Das

In the movie, Pleasantville, the frames of the movie are Ephesian 5:22 - 6:4, 1 Corinthians 6:9, Garations 5:19, Exodus 20:14 with each part speaking of the beliefs on how the house hold should be run on regards of the wife, husband, and children. They ba sically preach on how the house hold should behave . Pleasantville out lines these teachings throughout the movie. The movie does a great job at preaching these ideologies and not shoving biblical allusions down your throat as other movies tend to do.
When breaking down the movie as a whole you are able to see all the biblical references that are in plain sight but not so easily detected if you are not looking for them. It can be arguable that David and his sister Jennifer are Adam and Eve or Lucifer and Jesus. That is up to the viewer\'s decision because they can really take on either or persona. At the beginning of the film David is sitting and watching his favorite show Pleasantville while his mother is upset in the background and seems to start crying. Instead of David comforting his mother or asking what is wrong with her, he instead decides to turn the volume up on the television so that he can block out the noise. Jennifer is seen at school with her friends being mischievous when a boy approaches her and she basically asks him to have sex when her mother goes out of town for the weekend. Their parents seem to be divorced so their mother is leaving town to go spend a few nights with her boyfriend. David is staying up all night to watch the Pleasantville marathon and Jennifer is waiting for her boy to come over. David and Jennifer begin to fight over the remote control and then break it. That is when Don Knotts shows up and some people may argue that he is the god figure in this movie. He gives the kids a special remote that puts them in the television show, they freak out and don\'t believe they are in there until Don shows up and tells them they were the perfect match for the show. David is persistent on not changing anything in the show and that he and Jennifer must play the role of the show and make sure everything stays the same so that they can go home. The show is straight forward and acts

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