Daniel Jimenez

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Daniel Jimenez
Psychology 210
Professor Hull
Myth: some people are left brain, and some are right brained
For years\' people, have been asked if they are left-brained or right-brained and it has been widely believed that we are either or. For some reason people, have categized themselves into these two groups, but why? Where did this notion start from and why has it become so widely believed or accepted to be correct? Popular culture would have you believe that logical, methodical and analytica l people are left-brain, and the creative and artistic types are r ight-brain dominant. The with that is, science never supported this notion. With the media having a big effect on the public, by falsely stating that people are left-brained or right-brained, there is no question why people believe that. To end all speculation on this myth, it is being stated right here that we are not left or right brained but in fact we are equally right and left brained and not more dominant on either side.
Scientist at the University of Utah have now debunked this myth that has been around for so many years, they did an analysis on over 1,000 brains and the results that came back were that there was no evidence that showed that people used their left or right brain preferably over the other, but in fact during the study people used their entire brain equally throughout the experiment. (Dr. Jeff Anderson) Dr. Anderson\' s experiment consisted of 1,000 brains from test subjects ranging from ages of 7 to 29, and what he did was look at the activity of over 7,000 small brain regions and examined neuron connections within and in between these regions. They did find certain areas having stronger neurons traffic than other, over all they came to the conclusion that both sides of the brain have the equal amount of neuron activity and connectivity. Jared Nielsen who was one of the co-authors on the r

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