Darwin Harbour Essay

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Darwin Harbour


The Darwin Harbour region supports a diverse range of flora and fauna. It is also subject
to a variety of activities that have been identified or at least perceived to be vital to
maintaining the ‘Territory's unique way of life!'

This is the catch cry of politicians and public activists of all descriptions in the
Northern Territory whenever there is a perceived threat to either the status quo or ideals
held close to an individuals heart. It is a rallying call designed to bind public opinion
on emotive reasons rather than on a sound and rational basis. The ‘Territory's unique
way of life' is a fallacy. Yes we live in a climate that is unusual when compared to
southern states and our remoteness presents some challenges not encountered by other more
developed states but these factors do not make us unique. North W.A and North Qld are in a
similar position to us.

It is these same politicians that espouse the need to maintain ‘Territory lifestyles'
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