Days of delivery (narrative) Essay

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Days of delivery (narrative)

Pregnancy and childbirth are a part of nature. Delivering a child can be a beautiful
experience. However, delivery can also be very painful and can last for days.

My mom drove me to what would become my last visit to the doctor's office before giving
birth to my daughter. Dr. Dermer observed me and then told me to be at the hospital around
six thirty that evening. He advised me to eat a good dinner before departing for the
hospital. Dr. Dermer had decided to induce my labor, due to the fact that I was two weeks
past my due date.

I ate a good dinner and left to go to the hospital. I distinctly remember the feeling that
I had in the pit of my stomach. I could not determine if the feeling was fear, anxiety,
relief, or a combination of all of them.

When I arrived at the hospital the first thing that I had to do was register. Registration
only took a few minutes because Dr. Dermer had already phoned the registration department
and pre-registered me. I was now on my way to Labor and Delivery.

As soon as I arrived in the labor and delivery department, I saw Brian, the father of my
unborn child, and his best friend Chris. I was relieved to know that he had already
arrived at the hospital. One of the nurses came over and escorted us to my room. She told
me to undress and put my hospital gown on. After I put my gown on, I climbed into the bed.
The nurse then proceeded to stick me with needles. She had to withdraw some blood and
start my IVs. She explained that the medicine in my IV bag was going to very slowly induce
my labor overnight. The nurse also explained to me that this process was to prepare my
body for the following morning when my medication would be increased. A short while later,
I fell asleep.

I was awakened the next morning by beeps from the IV machine. The beeps were caused from
the nurse increasing the dosage of my medication. At this time, I had no idea of the day
that I had ahead of me.

Around eleven that morning, I began to feel light flutters deep inside my stomach. The
flutters felt as if they were rising to the surface of my stomach. Once the flutters
arrived at the surface, they then seemed to pull on the surface of my stomach. The pull
was a very light pull and it actually tickled. I smiled each and every time that I felt
this sensation.

A couple of hours later, the pulling feeling that once tickled my stomach was now
beginning to feel more like discomfort. My contractions were beginning to get harder. Just
when I thought that my contractions could not get any harder, they got harder. I continued
to be in horrendous pain the remainder of the day.

Dr. Dermer came in to see me around nine that evening. My contractions were getting harder
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