Dead society Essay

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Dead society

This is just a message for all of you that think we suck; we try to please ourselves and
if you think our music is good well thanks. But if you think that your band or you could
do better please send me your songs I would like to hear them. Now
there are a lot of bands that I don't like and I think suck but I don't go on their web
page and tell them they suck. One: I don't have the time to sit and badmouth a band I
don't like. Two: I have a life. Three: I am not a DICK. So if you are going to tell us how
you feel leave your name so we can respond directly.

Anyway now I want to thank all the people that have given us their support; they are the
people that we play for. Sure I do it for my self but the main drive for the band is the
shows. Thanks to Roger from Texas and all of our fans who stand up for us. Without you
fans there would be no Dead Society.

We have 2 shows coming up soon. One: is on Thursday April 11 at 8 With Bootlegger. (More
info to come) Two: we have arranged (no no wait we haven't done anything) ANDREW has put
together another show at L'Amour. This show is on Sunday April 28 at 7. The set will be as
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