Dear em Essay

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dear em

Without you, high school would not be the same. Over the past few years we have shared so
much and built a relationship that is like no other to me

With you I can laugh, I can cry, I can say what's on my mind or just be silent.
With you it's easy to be me.

I remember disagreements....saying things we didnt' really mean. I also
remember that only minutes later we were laughing so hard we cried.
Sometimes when life seems difficult...I remember our friendship full of
laughter and love. Yeah we hard our times when we were a "couple" but shit happens,
friends will always last, couples fall apart. We argue constantly but then I am able to
lift my spirits and smile like I know you want me to.

The memories we share remind me of how lucky I am to have a best friend
like you. I look at you and the most precious eyes look back, I think and all I hear your
voice sometimes. We are more than merely's as if we are cut from the
same fabric. We have a common thread that won't be broken by people, or years, or


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