Death Of A Saleman. Is Willy L Essay

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Death Of A Saleman. Is Willy L

According to Arthur Miller, 'The tragic feeling is invoked whenever we are in the presence
of a character, any character, who is ready to sacrifice his life, if need be, to secure
one thing, his sense of personal dignity.'; Willy Loman was willing to do that, no matter
what the cost. That makes Willy Loman an excellent example of Aristotle's tragic hero.

Willy is far from a perfect man. He is a flawed human being, and his flaws are very much
like our own. He wants what we want--dignity, success, respect, and a decent standard of
living. He was not born in a high social class and he never lived in high society but he
believed that his was in an upper class of society. He told himself so many times that his
family and him were not average, that they were better that the normal family.

Willy is generally a good father, husband, and human being. However, his one tragic flaw
is his lack of a grip on reality. He couldn't differentiate the difference between the
current time and the past. His flashbacks are a part of his everyday lifestyle, only he
doesn't know that he is experiencing them. Because he lacks that awareness, he brings
about his own downfall.

Willy could not comprehend that his family is average. No matter what his family members
do he thinks that the entire world revolves around them. The have made their names famous
for a small amount of time in high school, but they haven't done anything important since.
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