Death To Smoochy Essay

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Death To Smoochy

Danny Devito, the mastermind behind "Throw Momma From The Train", might be more slightly
of his rocket than "Death To Smoochy" villain, Rainbow Randolph Smiley (Robin Williams).
However that could be just what the doctor ordered. Barney fans steer clear of this dark
demented comedy. "Death To Smoochy" is like nothing ever before put on the silver screen.

Childhood hero, Rainbow Randolph is busted by the Feds for trying to take bribes from
parents whose kids watch his show. KidNet executives, Frank Stokes (Jon Stewart - The
Daily Show) and Nora Wells (Catherine Keener) are faced with the task of finding a
replacement, FAST! Sent with guidelines to find someone "squeaky clean" Nora sets off to
find Sheldon Mopes (Edward Norten), who's only gig as Smoochy, is to play motivational
songs (self written) for doped up drug addicts at a local clinic. Don't be fooled by the
bright colors, the fuzzy animals and all the kids, this is not a kids movie, just ask
Robin Williams, that's if you can get him to say a sentence or two with out using the f***

Sheldon Mopes (tree hugging, tofu eating Smoochy), seeing his shot at the big time, gladly
takes up the task as KidNet's replacement for a disturbed and lost Rainbow Randolph. An
innocent and untainted Mopes soon learns the darkness and corruption that consumes KidNet
and the children's television programing industry. Feeling like a puppet, Sheldon hires,
Burke (Danny Devito), a seasoned talent agent, who's in no way a stranger to the
shenanigans of KidNet executives. Granted full creative and executive power over The
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