Decline in Black Admissions to Universities Essay

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Decline in Black Admissions to Universities

If you are a student at an HBCU, looking around your classroom or on the yard hoping to
see a familiar brown face is probably never an issue, but for students at colleges and
universities where African American enrollment is now steadily declining, it is definitely
a concern.

Larissa Lincoln, a senior sociology major at the University of Washington knows what it is
like to feel alienated or alone on campus. "Sometimes when I'm in a lecture there will be
200 people and I can count about six or seven black students. Its very noticeable walking
around that there is not enough blacks being admitted to college."

After the 2003 Supreme Court decision that required schools like the University of
Michigan to change their admittance procedure and evaluate students not based on their
minority status, but individually, Michigan is now reporting the smallest class of African
American freshmen in 15 years.

Many state universities in California, Georgia and much of the Midwest have also noticed a
significant decline when it comes to admitting blacks. Enrollment for freshmen at the
University of Georgia was down by 26 percent, 29 percent for Ohio State and 32 percent at
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