Define Normal Book Talk Essay

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Define Normal Book Talk

What if you had to peer council a person that you couldn't even stand! Would you be mad?
Or what would you do if it happened to you?

One of the main characters is a girl named Jasmine but they call her Jazz for short. Jazz
is basically a goth girl and she has black hair with a little pink on top. She goes to
high school and is around the age of 15. Jazz is in a pretty bad mood usually but it just
depends on what she is doing. The other main character's name is Antonia. Antonia is a
very smart girl and helps other people out with their problems. She is like a councilor.
She has about shoulder length dirty blond hair and is pretty average in height for her
age. She is usually in a good mood but sometimes she can get mad or sad. The last main
character is Antonia's mom. She has pretty good attitudes depending on what she feels
like. She is in her mid-30's.

Antonia's mom smokes and she has been really sick lately. Her mom is that antagonist in
this story because she can't even get out of bed unless she feels good. Since her mom has
been sick, Antonia has to take care of everything around the house, including her brother.
So one day Antonia was at a freind's house and her mom and brother decide to go on a
picnic and when they were done she took her son to a motel, and then left to go to a bar
down the road. When she was done at the bar, she went back to the motel and passed out on
the floor. So when Antonia got home, nobody was there. About a half an hour later, her
brother called and said that their mom had passed out and that they were at a motel. Her
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