Demon Essay

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This is the story....

It was that dream again. The same dream that keeps waking me up every night. Except this
time it felt way to real. Running from somthing that can't be seen, but as it gets closer
wings fly out of my back, and I am shot into the sky by an unequaled force of lift. Then
without looking back I fly towards a dark cloud off in the distance. But when I finnaly
get to the cloud it is like a whole new world. A dead world, With dark red skies hovering
high above the dead and barren tree tops. The only color that you can see within this dead
wastland is a bright red trail of blood leading off into a dead forest. So curiously I
follow the red trail. Maybe I could find the one who the blood belongs to. Even if they
are injured the might be able to tell me how to get out of here. So following the trail I
find myself in a spot deep within the forest. A spot that is shaded from the redish light
above. Shaded by hundreds and thousands of dead and eerie branches projected from the
barren trees. As I squint my eyes to look for the trail of blood, I notice that it is
gone. Then looking up I hear a twig snap behind me. At this point my whole body trembles
with fear and adreneline. As I reluctently turn around to see what has caused the
attention grabbing snap, A dark figure flies out from the cover of the barren trees with
an ear shattering cry!!!. Right as it reaches me I wake up, drenched with sweat and to
terrified to move.

Just like this very moment as I lay here shivering yet drenched in sweat. Trying to move
yet paralized by fear, I have no luck. While laying here I think to myself "Why do I keep
having this dream? Does it mean somthing?" "or am I just going insane?!" Whatever the
answer I just wish that it would all just stop!!!' I feel like such a baby laying here
afraid of a dream. "Yeah!" I thought " a dream and nothing more!" Hours later I
reluctently drift off into subconciousness, just to be woken up an hour later by the
piercing sound of my alarmclock.

With the morning sun shining through the window I squint my dark eyes trying to get used
to the light. Then looking around the room i saw that my books were knocked over most
likely by my cat. "Damn cat" I murmured to myself as I sit up. I noticed that my
alarmclock was flashing, thus meaning that the power must have gone out sometime during
the night after the dream. "What time was it now?" I asked myself. About that time my cell
phone went off!"Who the hell?" the number was blocked. But still I answered it. "hello?" I
mumbled. "hey your late!" the voice said. It was Rivu! "SHIT!!!" I snapped as I sprung up.
"What time is it?" "about 9:30" he replied impatiently. "ok fine i'll be there in an hour"
I said as I got out of bed. "ok see you then." "alright bye" I then pressed the button and
set down the phone. I stretched and started to walk out of my room. When I got to the
doorway I noticed that my door had been opened, and since my brother was still in his bed
it couldn't have been him. Someone must have opened it while I was asleep. "but who" I
asked myself. When I arrive in the front room my mom starts yelling at me to keep my door
open. "It's my fucking door!!!" I yelled at her. "And this is my fucking house!" She
yelled back. "and if you don't like it, get the hell out!" "Fine!, I'd be glad to" upon
yelling that I ran into my room to grab some stuff that I would need. First thing I threw
on was some old pants, and grab the first shirt I could find. Which happened to be my nice
black button up shirt. While gathering my cell phone, lighter, almost empty package of
cigerettes, wallet, and a few other articles of clothing, I realize that I have no place
to go. But being that pissed I didn't really care that much, I just wanted out of the
house and this was my chance. So I grabbed my bag and walked out to the front room once
more. Setting down my bag I grabbed, my trench coat. "Where will you even go?" my mom
sneared at me. "Wherever the fuck I want." I sneared back. I then grabbed my bag and
walked out the door.

"Where will I go" I thought to myself. "Who is gonna take me in? Well for now I might as
well go and see Rivu." So discarding my worries for the moment I start heading into town
where we planned to meet a couple days earlier.

When I got to the highway I could hear the rumbleing of car engines. With the sight of the
cracked highway filling my eyes and the wind flowing through my light colored hair I
started walk towards the creek that flowed through the center of town.

I wasn't a big town, it had a population of around four to three thousand people, And I
was to go to the middle of it and meet Rivu.

While walking through the little town I could see Rivu standing on the bridge waiting for
me. "he's early" I thought to myself. "But then again I am kinda late because I slept in"
I could see His black trench coat, a bit longer than mine floating in the gentle wind. He
was a little taller than me standing at about five foot' ten, and his hair was blonde were
mine was a light brown. We had been studying the elements non-stop for months, and when my
girlfriend had invited us to hang out on this saterday, we figured we could take a break
from study. As I got closer he recognized me and asked, "whats with the bag? are you
moving out or somthing?" "nope" I replied, "I got kicked out" "Wow, that sucks" He said
with a startled look on his face.

"Nah, not really, I'm actually kinda happy about it, I mean this is a whole new
oppertunity for me" "But what if they make you come back home?" he questioned.

"It's quite simple, they won't find me, therefore they can't make me come home" I replied
confedently. "Ok, But were are you gonna stay? Don't you have something planned out at
all?" "Nope, not a thing but I'll figure somthing out, I'll probably camp down by the
creek tonight and then find a place in the morning" I told him with a smile. "Ok well good
luck with that, but for now let's go down to mal's house and hang out there like we
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