Denying Medical Value Essay

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Denying Medical Value

Tens of thousands of patients are denied of medical cannabis that could benefit from its
therapeutic use. Not only does it help ease the pain of many agonizing diseases, but it
also contributes to the prevention of some illnesses. It can also replace harmful
antibiotics that we use now. An abundance of arguments have been made on this issue, but I
feel as though most of them are a bit far-fetched and can be retaliated with legitimate
responses, which will be further explained later in this essay. So far, twelve states have
legalized marijuana for medicinal uses. These states include Alaska, Arizona, California,
Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. The
earliest to pass this law was in 1996, and with much reason.

Medicinal marijuana can provide multiple types of pain relief. First, it was proved to
relieve asthma attacks and improve breathing. Also, its active ingredient, THC, reduces
vomiting and nausea caused by chemotherapy. It relieves the muscle pain and spasticity
that comes from multiple sclerosis, and may also help some of these unfortunate patients
with bladder control and relieve tremor. The leading cause of blindness in the United
States is caused by glaucoma, which is when the pressure inside one's eyeball has
increased. Marijuana, when smoked, reduces this pressure, making it a significant amount
better to deal with. Medicinal cannabis also strongly improves the appetite and forestalls
the loss of lean muscle mass, contributing greatly to the commonly known sexually
transmitted disease known as AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency). On top of all of this, it
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