Descriptive/Narrative - This Way To The Wise Woman

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Descriptive/Narrative - This Way to the wise woman...

“This way to the wise woman who sees into all things” You see the sign and decide to pay her a visit.

The icy rain feels like needles pelting my face. I stand here blankly staring at the sign, which my eyes are set on. The sign is full of dark colors, which give off a vibe of the supernatural. The sign reads, “This way to the wise woman who sees into all things”, I feel appalled by the fact that I’m actually considering to walk into this place.

All my life I have been fighting against this type of terrible portrayal of Wiccan beliefs. Was this really my last resort?

I must be in great desperation as my hand touches the icy doorknob, and I twist it making a loud screeching sound, but as the door closes behind me I feel like I’m in another world. Even so I walk along the narrow hallway and I actually feel a sense of familiarity.

My first reaction is to close my eyes, and let my hands fall open to my sides. With experience, after so many years of practice, I sink quickly into a meditative state, going beneath the surface of time, and feeling the energy coming from every cell of my body. I cast my senses in order to realize whether I had made a mistake by walking into this building. I reach out with my mind but I feel nothing, as if someone was blocking my senses. Even so I continue walking, and feel a reas

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