Determanation Essay

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Nathan jumped into his 95' Bronco, parked in front of his apartment, and tore off to his best friend Lee's house.
Nathan thinks, "She is cheating on me, I just know it." He speeds down 14th street, where
is apartment is, and then takes a left to get onto the highway. His tires break the
silence of night by screeching as he takes the turn. As he speeds down the highway, it
starts to rain. He was going over one hundred miles per hour, when he passed a West
Chester police car in the opposite lane. Immediately the cops sirens turn on, and the
chase is on.

The cop outlandishly yells, "Here we go again!"
He speeds up to the Bronco, and now they are just feet away with the cop car behind Nathan signaling to pull over.
Nathan was not going to stop, he was on a mission. For once he could prove that his
girlfriend has been cheating on him. Nathan mutters to him self "Bring it on pig, you
ain't gonna cath me!" as he turns on some hard rock music on his Alpine CD player.

Nathan is now going one hundred and twenty miles per hour in his supped up Bronco. The cop
never loses an inch, still trailing on the highway, a few feet behind him. Being a
well educated driver through numerous video games, and attending racing schools that his
Uncle taught, he knew exactly how to ditch this cop.

Nathan took a ninety degree turn to the right, and nearly missed a huge semi truck, now
heading north up 13th street, the same street which Lee, his best friend lives on.

Having gaining some ground with that sharp turn, Nate was now a good hundred yards ahead
of the trailing cop. Nate looks back in his rear view mirror, and can barley see the cops
lights through the rain.

Nate turned off his lights and then slammed on the brakes. He was there, he was at Lee's
house. Nate pull in, with his lights still off and parks in between Lee's motor home, and
his girlfriends car.

Seconds later, the cop drives right past the house, and keep on pursuing down 13th street.
Nate ran up to the door and kicked it in, splitting the pine wood into splinters. He runs
down the hallway of Lee's house, and throws open Lee's bedroom door. It was Lee, and
Nathan's girlfriend, passionately making out. Nate's body fills with anger.

Nate violently screams out, "What the hell do you think you are doing you prick!?" Nate
grabs Lee's neck, pulls him away from his girlfriend Andrea, and starts to choke him..

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Lee manages to say, "I don't know what we were thinking."
"What are you doing stop! Nate stop please you are hurting him!" cries out Andrea, as tears run down her face.
Nate screams back, "I am ending this love triangle!" He now squeezes harder, and harder.
Stopping any air flow from going into, or out of Lee's lungs.

Andrea stands up, and starts hitting Nate on the side of the head, "Stop, please. It's not his fault, its mine, stop!"
Nate turns to Andrea and threatens, "I know it is your fault, your next." He looks deeply
into his best friends eyes as Lee's last few moments pass.

Right before Nate kills Lee, he leans forward and whispers in his ear, "I told you that if
you ever fooled around with Andrea and I caught you, I would kill you. When I told you
this three weeks ago, you kinda just laughed.

"Huh, whatever." Were your exact words.
"Well its not funny any more, is it?" Nathan tells Lee fiercely.
Lee's eyes now turn red due to busted blood veins. One by one his veins blew up, like the
way a water pipe blows up when it freezes.

Lee's blood drenched eyes roll back in his head. His last look at the world he once knew
was the look in Nate's eyes. The look of complete insanity, and anger. The fierce violence
of his lifetime best friend, strangling him.

Lee's limp body falls out of Nate's deadly hands, and rolls off the bed towards Andrea.. Lee was dead.
Andrea looked at Nate and started yelling, "Look what you did! He's dead! I can not
believe what you did, you are not going to get away with this Nathan!"

Nate just looks around the room and pretends not to listen. But something catches his eye,
he sees a picture of Andrea and Lee kissing. He takes the push pin out, and looks even
closer at the picture. It appeared to be in the back seat of Andrea's car. He then turns
the picture around, and see's a letter. It was written my Andrea, it read "The thoughts of
us being together is so invigorating, I hope what we have will never end this
relationship. I love you. The date in the bottom, left hand side of the picture was

He then looks back at Andrea and screams at the top of his lungs, "12/21/03? You were with
him on my birthday? You bitch! You were with him on my birthday! You said you were with
your grandma in the hospital! You said you love him? How long were you guys together?" I
cannot believe you think you can have a relationship behind my back, and get away with it.
Well I guess you didn't get away with it did you?"

Andrea whimpers in disbelief, holding the lifeless body of Lee tight. Nate hurls Andrea
off him and spits in her face. He then grabs her by her neck, and throws her against the
wall, in the same fashion that Nate held Lee's neck.

Muffled siren sounds approach. It was the police, they must have finally seen the white
Bronco conspicuously parked in the drive way.

Nate glares at Andrea for a long period of time as the sirens grow louder. Then slowly,
but assertively remarks "You were the only thing that ever meant anything to me, and you
ripped my still beating heart out of my chest, and abused it! You have ruined my life, I
never want to see you again.."

Nate leaves the room, walks calmly down the hallway, and exits through the side door in Lee's parents room.
To himself Nate whispers, "Since you intolerable people are in Canada right now, I guess
you won't care if I walk through your beautiful white carpet with my muddy shoes do you?
Guess that is the least of your problems though, huh?"

Nate hears the police run over the scattered remains of the front door, and proceed down the hallway.
He starts to run around the house, and jumps over the side fence. He was now in the front
yard, where he can clearly see the police car, and his Bronco. He sprints to his truck,
starts it up, and backs into the street. Before turning to leave, Nate speeds back into
the driveway, and runs into the back of his girlfriends car. Smashing the rear end, and
shattering the glass of the back window.

Andrea is still standing against the wall of Lee's room as the two police men break
thorough the door, and enter the room..

The officers, not seeing the dead body on the opposite side of the bed ring out, "Where's
the driver of the White Bronco?"

"That is my boyfriend, no, Nate. Yes that was Nate, he just single handedly strangled Lee,
and I, and I" Andrea's voice is broken up by the loud rumble of Nate's Bronco driving off
down the street.

The officers run out of the hallway, and through the door that Nate had kicked in, back
into the front yard. Before anything was said, or done Nathan was already turning the

One officer runs out into the road, and aims his 9mm pistol, but there is not a Bronco to shoot it at.
"Well Earl, you wanna get this one?" Says one officer to another.
Earl glances down the road, looks at Mike, who was the officer who asked him the question, and smiles.
"Getty up!" Earl rings out.
Earl cries out as he jumps into the police car, "Call for back up, and get her down to the station for questioning."
Mike takes off down the road pursuing the Bronco. He flips on the sirens, and bust a left
where Earl saw the Branco go. The officer is now on a one way, double lane street,
speeding to catch the fleeing Bronco..

Earl thinks to himself "Did he take a left or a right? Well to the left is Lake Basset, so
I assume he went right to go to the city."

"Yes, god damn it!" Earl snaps, "There he is!"
Nate looks in his rear view mirror and see's the police car behind him, he smiles and
sticks his hand out of the window, and mutters "Stupid pigs."
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