Diary of My Mexican Trip Essay

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Diary of My Mexican Trip

August 4, 2002
Dear Journal,
Today I boarded an airplane in Philadelphia. I haven't been on a plane before, so I was
very nervous. The takeoff was pretty smooth. I finally relaxed, then we landed in Atlanta,
Georgia. From here I rented a green compact car from Hertz. I drove from Atlanta to Tula in
one night. I eventually arrived at the border and showed the officials my voter registration card
and driver's license. I finally crossed the border into Mexico. From here I wen to my first
stop, Tula. I stayed at the Sharon, a seven-story modern hotel, is placed right across the street
from the town hall and not far from the archaeological area.
August 5, 2002
Dear Journal,
I woke up this morning to a beautiful snow covered ground. I drove over freezing
roads to a Toltec site. The most spectacular site I saw while I was at the site was the Atlantes,
the giant stone sculptures. They are said to be guarding the Pyramid of the Morning Star.
After exploring the ancient site, I went back to the hotel and ate at the hotel's fine restaurant.
I had to be sure not to get anything that may make travelers such as myself sick. Shortly after,
I checked out of the Sharon and drove into Mexico City and checked into the Matrol for the
August 6, 2002
Dear Journal,
Today I went to the National Art Museum, Museo Nacional de Arte, and saw the
beautifully crafted building. There is a lovely double staircase made of bronze and marble
enclosed by a semi-circular window three stories high. The artwork in the museum was
incredible. The museum has 24 galleries ranging in Mexican art in every form. After an
exhausting trip to the art museum, I decided to have dinner in the hotel's restaurant. Then I
had drinks in the lobby bar where a pianist plays nightly as hotel guest can enjoy the music and
scenery of the beautiful hotel.
August 7, 2002
Dear Journal,
I watched some TV in my room last night as I went to sleep. I was glad to have taken
Spanish classes in school, so I could have a slight understanding as to what was being said on
TV. Today I went to the Catedral Metrolitana. It is the biggest church in Latin America. The
church was so beautiful and very large. There were hundreds of paintings and sculptures
throughout the building. The wonderful clocktower was full of statues of Faith, Hope, and
Charity. I went back to the hotel, gathered my things, and drove to The Casa Gonzalez, where
I will be spending the next three nights.
August 8, 2002
Dear Journal,
I started the morning with a not so great outlook. I did not sleep well last night,
because the family in the next room had 4 children who kept running and banging the walls all
night long!! I walked across the street to the British Embassy and poked around a little, but
quickly got bored. So I went on to The Torre Latinoamericana. It is a skyscraper from on the
top, I could see a wonderful view of the Mexico City skyline. I went back to the hotel for
dinner and went to bed.
August 9, 2002
Dear Journal,
I checked out of the Casa Gonzalez and hastily drove to the Four Seasons where I will
be staying for 2 nights. I swam in the huge pool in the hotel which was a nice escape from the
Mexican heat. After a long swim, I went to my room which was elegant and luxurious and had
brilliantly high ceilings. I then went to the flower-filled courtyard and marveled at the lovely
fountain. Continued on the the hotel's 5-star restaurant where I enjoyed a delicious meal.

August 10, 2002
Dear Journal,
Last night, after my huge meal, I was in bed very early and enjoyed a comfortable night
of peaceful sleeping. I decided today was the day to check-out the hotel's gym and spa
facilities. I worked out for 3 hours, with a great trainer, Migel. He helped me learn to tone
my muscles in ways I never knew before. After suck a strenuous work out, I went on to a
relaxing trip to the spa. I had a mud bath to soften my skin. Then, I have a deep tissue
massage which felt so nice to my tired muscles. I then had a facial and a quick stop in the
tanning bed, for a natural Mexican glow. After I got some color, I had a total manicure and
pedicure treatment. I then realized that it was time to drive to Puebla.
August 11, 2002
Dear Journal,
I arrived in Puebal later then I have intended last night, but I checked into the Colonial
just fine. I decided that today, I was to explore the foothills of the Sierra Madre. I came
across the El Parian market and purchased a couple ceramics for my mother and grandmother.
I then went on to explore the Mayan ruins of Comacalco. The Comacalco ruins show 3 large
ceremonial complexes. When I returned to the Colonial, I knew I would have to eat quickly
and go to bed early. I would have to wake up early in the morning and drive to Cancun. It was
going to be a long day for me.
August 12, 2002
Dear Journal,
I woke up at five o'clock this morning so I could get a head start on my drive to
Cancun. I drove for hours until I finally reached the Hilton Cancun Golf and Beach Resort. It
has a unique pyramid-like construction. I checked out the hotel and walked around the gardens
and relaxed for some time in the lobby bar with other guests. I ate dinner in the hotel. The
food was exquisite. I went to my extraordinary suite and went to bed in total comfort.

August 13, 2002
Dear Journal,
I woke up this morning and immediately took a trip to the 18-hole golf course of the
hotel. I played a great round of golf with some other travelers. Their names were, Jessica,
Frank, and Wilson. The four of us then went to "Bob's Snorkel Club" and went snorkeling.
We saw all kinds of exotic sea-life. The fish were so beautiful and brightly-colored. We went
to a charming cafe for dinner then returned to the hotel, where we took a quick dip in the
heated pool. We then went out seperate ways, and went to bed.
August 14, 2002
Dear Journal,
I checked out of the Hilton right away, and drove on to the Krystal Cancun. My suite
was lovely. I went to lay out on the beach for several hours. The water was crystal clear and
warm. The hot sand felt so nice on my feet, much like the familiar feeling from my many trips
to the shore back home in NJ. I then realized that I was home sick. I called my mom and told
her all about my trip so far. She was glad to hear my voice, I think she was going to begin to
cry. I went back to my hotel and ate dinner in one of its four restaurants. I went to bed early,
thinking only of the days of my trip still to come.
August 15, 2002
Dear Journal,
Today, I went to breakfast in another of the hotel's four restaurants. Then, I swam in
the hotel's pool. There I met a cute lone traveler, Bill. Bill and I went site-seeing in the city
for a while. Then he took me to dinner at yet another one of restaurants in the hotel. We then
went on to check out the scene at the hotel's disco or club. We danced along with other
visitors and stayed out all night. We had a really great time.

August 16, 2002
Dear Journal,
Bill and I had breakfast in the market this morning. We brought fresh fruits and made
out own fresh fruit salads for lunch. After we had them, we went to a scuba diving place. We
went scuba diving and explored the beautiful sites underwater. After that, we explored the
pyramid and other ruins of El Rey. Then we went to dinner in the fourth of the hotel's
restaurants and went our separate ways.
August 17, 2002
Dear Journal,
I left the Krystal Cancun and drove to Acapulco. I checked into El Marauder and went
out onto my private balcony where I could see the famous cliff divers at La Quebrada. I was
tired from a busy day yesterday, so I just swam in the hotel pool and had dinner in my room. I
watched TV and was quite intrigued by the Spanish soap operas, they're so romantic and
exciting. I then went to bed early, after standing out on my balcony, overlooking the beautiful
ocean view.

August 18, 2002
Dear Journal,
I woke up to a brilliant sun this morning. Before I actually cameto, I could feel the
warmth of the sun on my cheeks, and imagined I was a mermaid on the shore, basking in the
glowing sunshine. I took a ten-minute boat ride to Isla la Roqueta, a small offshore island
with thatched-roof restaurants, a small zoo, and several beaches. I went to the zoo on the
island and saw many exotic birds. I stayed on the beach for several hours, and ate at several
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