Digital photography artists Essay

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digital photography artists

Famous Digital Artists
Jody Dole is one of the featured artists in the book "Digital Image Creation". He is a
fine-art and advertising photographer. His first successful piece was an ad campaign for
Smirnoff Vodka. In five years he was able to become a successful, well=known artist,
gaining international recognition for his still-life photography.

Nash Editions is a company built up of artists. Its founders are Graham Nash and Mac
Holbert. The company has the best reputation within the fine-art digital printmaking
world. The reason for this is because they use their own custom built scanner along with
Macintosh computer systems and iris printers. Some of Nash Editions featured artists are
David Byrne, Eileen Cowin, Carol Flax and Olivia Parker. Nash Editions is constantly
staying up to date with their state-of-the-art technology and with the creativity of their

Another famous digital photographer is Charly Franklin. He specializes in a surreal style.
Most of his images are of landscapes, and a lot take place on the beach. At first, Frankin
had to set up elaborate sets to get the desired image, but with the technological advances
with computer programs, he is now able to do most of his work on the computer. Every image
he has produced since 1991 has been digitally manipulated. His work is in high demand, by
corporate companies, and some of it has been published in Communications Arts, Print,
Photo Metro and even on the cover of Graphics Design Annual.
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