Disciplining a child Essay

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disciplining a child

Disciplining A Child

Relationships between children and parents are unique and intense. Families are often the

happiest when parents and children have the skills to relate and communicate with each other

in a positive manner, when parents feel competent in helping their children behave

appropriately, and when children can express their emotions and behave appropriately. But

behavioral problems among children are very common, and such problems might occur in

daily life in the home and in the school, with peers or with other adults.

My eight-year-old son's performance at school recently started to decline. At the beginning

of the school year, he was an A student with no problems in reading and writing. After a few

months, he becomes a C student. First, I thought that he could not understand a particular

topic or exercise, but after meeting with his teacher, I found out that he did not pay enough

attention in the class. I and his father discussed the problem with our son. Also, I explained to

him why his education is important for his future. He agreed with me and promised to change

his behavior in the classroom. Despite that, the low grades continued. It was then I decided to

use operant conditioning as a type of learning in order to bring out an entirely new response,

with a non-physical punishment (the negative secondary reinforcer)such as time out and loss

of privileges (TV watching and video games playing). I prefer to avoid the use of physical

punishment with my child. Physical punishment usually happens when a parent is angry and

this does not create a positive learning experience for a child. Physical punishment models

and teaches hitting and physical aggression, often making a child want to avoid the parent and

can have a negative effect on a child's self-esteem.

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