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Anthony Koroush
Position Paper
13 December 2000

Introduction—Discrimination is going on around the world everyday. Discrimination in any way is wrong.
I. It contradicts the Constitution
A. The Constitution states, “All men are created equal.”
1. In the 1700’s, blacks were slaves.
2. Three Fifths Compromise: 5 blacks=3whites
3. Hitler killing the Jews
4. Catholics persecuted in Maryland because of religion
5. Rosa Parks riding on bus with whites
II. It is selfish
A. Sept. 22, 1862: Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation
1. to free slaves of the Confederacy
B. During 1800’s, whites bought slaves to do their work.
1. Worked on plantations: hard labor, cruel discipline, isolation
C. Families broke up by sale
D. Against the law to teach enslaved persons to read
E. Southerners argue
1. “Necessary to provide an adequate labor supply and was a positive good”
F. Putting down handicap to higher own self-esteem
III. It creates tension between groups and/or nations
A. Gang violence
1. Whites, blacks, Hispanics
2. Belief in God: teen shot at Columbine High School
B. Indians persecuted because of their race
1. Reservations provided for Indians
C. Employers and employees: gays and lesbians in the workplace
1. As of mid-1996, Americans legally fired because of sexual orientation in 41 states.
2. Average household income: Homosexuals: $55,430; National Average: $32,286/yr
3. Percent College Graduates: Homosexuals: 60%; National Average: 18%.
Conclusion—Discrimination throughout the world today occurs to many extremes. From one extreme to another, it is in any way wrong.

Anthony Koroush
Position Paper
13 December 2000
Today, many forms of discrimination are seen throughout the world. Of all of the forms seen, there are some that stand out. Including gangs, slavery, and discrimination in the workplace. Negativity is the basis of discrimination. The negativity leads to tension and future problems. Discrimination in any way is wrong.
Discrimination is wrong because it contradicts the Constitution. The Constitution states, “All men are created equal.” Yet, during the 1700’s, there was slavery of blacks in the south. Also, the Three Fifths Compromise was ratified in favor of white people, in that it states that five blacks equal three whites, which is used for representation. Hitler killed Jews because of their religion and beliefs. Catholics were also persecuted in Maryland because of their religion and beliefs. During the Revolutionary War, Americans were forced to house British soldiers at any time by Great Britain. They had no choice. It was either house the redcoats, or else they would die. And many redcoats would invite themselves into one household at one time. Sometimes, six or seven redcoats would demand food, shelter, and protection from one family. Another form of discrimination is not allowing equal rights to blacks. For example, Rosa Parks, a black woman, could not sit with whites on a bus. This led to the Civil Rights Act, but it was not passed until protest and boycotts were such big problems that something had to be done. Instead of “All men are created equal”, the Constitution should have stated, “Some white men who are a certain rel

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