Diversity Compare and Constrast Essay

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Diversity is an increasingly important factor in organizational life as organizations
world-wide become more diverse in terms of the gender, race, ethnicity, age, national
origin, and other personal characteristics of their members. By the year 2000, the
American workforce is likely to be gender-balanced, with only 58% of the workforce
comprised of White, native born Americans (Jackson et al., 1995). Due to the increasing
globalization of business requires employees from different cultures to work together in
cross-national teams. Firms are being forced to form cross-functional, inter-departmental,
cross-divisional, and inter-organizational alliances in order to make maximum use of
scarce resources and thus increase their competitive advantage.

People tend to think of diversity as simply demographic, a matter of color, gender, or
age. However, groups can be disparate in many ways. Diversity is also based on
informational differences, reflecting a person's education and experience, as well as on
values or goals that can influence what one perceives to be the mission of something as
small as a single meeting or as large as a whole company. Diversity among employees can
create better performance when it comes to out-of-the-ordinary creative tasks such as
product development or cracking new markets, and managers have been trying to increase
diversity to achieve the benefits of innovation and fresh ideas.

Informational diversity stirred constructive conflict, or debate, around the task at hand.
That is, people deliberate about the best course of action. On the other hand, demographic
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