Divorce6 Essay

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In divorces where there are children, is the solution not to tighten the divorce law but to tighten child support laws?
Today, many children are left behind with only one parent due to divorce. In many studies
it has been shown that children of divorced couples receive many negative effects on their
well-being. Hence, tighter child support laws are not the answer. All the money in the
world cannot cure the psychological damage that divorce has on a child. Children need two
parents as they are growing up.

Today, it is too easy to go about getting a divorce. Both spouses do not even have to be
in agreement in order to go through a divorce. For a parent to go through a divorce
without the other spouse’s consent is careless, especially when children are held in
the balance. Children may be led to believe that the divorce is their fault. After the
divorce the children also lose the opportunity to be with both of their parents at the
same time. Memories like summer vacations or trips to the ballpark with mom and dad can
no longer be created. Because of divorce, events like the ones previously stated can only
be enjoyed with one of the parents.

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