Do You See What I See Essay

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Do You See What I See

‘Do you see what I see?' When the novel "The Chosen" is read, the reader sees the story
from out of Reuven's eyes (or in one case ‘eye'); but if that same book was read from
Danny's perspective then it would become a whole new story; for that is what life is. One
person lives the story of their own life while their best friend, though he lives through
the same events, lives his own defined story. In The Chosen there are many times when
Reuven just cannot understand why Danny has to or can't do something. The book covers
Reuven's view very well, but what about Danny? What might the author be trying to point
out? Perspective is everything in one's interpretation of any situation.

In the story Reuven sees Danny's situation, first as smaller than Danny makes it out to be
and keeps asking Danny why he can't just talk to his father. Eventually Danny says, "I
can't! Don't you listen to what I'm saying," and Reuven realizes that Danny's situation is
really to big for his to understand. But what might Danny be feeling about it? In one
instance he admits that he feels trapped. This can be connected to the struggling fly
caught on the spider's web that Reuven saves in chapter nine. Danny is that fly, and
though Reuven doesn't understand what Danny is going through, because the web seems so
weak and easily broken. Danny seems to feel hopeless, depressed and afraid. He is afraid
of his father whom he respects. (transition to next)

Reuven however does not respect Reb Saunders like Danny does, the very one who is under
his rein of silence. How could this be? Maybe Danny sees the strength his father
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