Does College Help Essay

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Does College Help

College or technical schools are supposed to be the gateway to higher paying careers, but
most are not all that they are cracked up to be. The standards and goals that society
wants met are continually not being met by the students today. Also, many higher learning
facilities lack the funds to provide positive learning environments for students. For
these reasons and many more are keeping the students of today from benefiting fully from

Society today has to make some new choices for the students of tomorrow, choices that will
carry them into the next millennium. Society can either 'lower standards so that everybody
'passes'; in a way that looses all meaning in the real world'; or ' raise standards and
then meet them'; (Barber 479). I personally believe in raising our expectations and doing
whatever is needed to meet them. Our countries standards are among the lowest in the world
and ' at the same moment as we are transferring our responsibilities to the shoulders of
the next generation, we are blaming them for our own generation's most conspicuous
failures'; (Barber 472). Every election year the candidates use something about education
as one of their platforms, but few ever carry through with them once they are elected.
Most education bills die in congress in some shape or another and the ones that actually
make it through congress, are usually ineffective because they have been changed and
modified to the point of ineffectiveness.

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