Doll House 2 Essay

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Doll House 2

Doll House Assignment

…Ok Mr. and Mrs. Helmer. You two have now been visiting me here at my office for
four weeks. I now think that I have a couple of solutions for you. Solutions that will
make your marriage work again. I have studied out these solutions by listening to the
story that you have told me during these four weeks. The most of the solutions concern you
Mr. Helmer and your attitude towards your wife. Here are the solutions:

Mr. Helmer, you should stop to treat your wife as if she is a child. You are going to have
to give her much more responsibility. She has a life of her own and you should not control
this life. There is nothing wrong in having a little faith in a person and at least not in
one's wife. One more thing that you should think about Mr. Helmer are these names that you
call Mrs. Helmer. It is cute to call someone this kind of names, but it is not the kind of
names that you call a grown up human being. So, give your wife more responsibilities, this
will increase her self-esteem, she will be much happier and feel more zest for life.

And now over to you Mrs. Helmer. You are going to have to stop lying for your husband and
be more open to him. You have to talk to him about your problems and explain them to him.
Stop hiding your cookies for him and stop lying about them, that just make the 'rat
wheel'; to start and spin again. Tell him that you love these cookies and make him respect
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