Dont Hate the Kandy Kid Essay

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Dont Hate the Kandy Kid

What is it about kandy kids that everyone finds so annoying? Like a lot of people, when I
was first introduced to the scene I chose to be kandy. I found these cute, fuzzy, happy
kids to be the greatest people ever. While I felt like everyone else was angry at me for
being a new "raver", these kids were more than happy to welcome me with a smile and a hug.
How could I NOT want to be like them?

I was terrified of my first party; the loud music, the mean looking people always bumping
into you, and let's not forget the bathrooms! Then I got my first bracelet yes, my first
piece of kandy. Almost every kandy kid still has it! I loved the idea that someone had
made this bracelet so that the person they gave it to would always remember them. I felt
as though someone actually wanted me to be at that party. After that, I went home and
started beading. Sure, I started out with a few bracelets, but soon I was cruising to
parties with a minimum of 80 up my arms! I had the colorful outfit, beads everywhere, and
the friendly attitude. I learned to "nordictrack" or "chopstick" with the best of them, I
bumped Trance in my car 24/7, and I partied every weekend. I could not get enough of these
people. I learned neat little light tricks for all the e-tards, and made it my goal to
improve the night for as many people as possible. This is what raving was all about for
me. I could be happy doing this forever. I didn't understand then, and I still don't
now.why do people hate kandy kids?

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