Dorthea Lange Essay

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Dorthea Lange

Dorothea LANGE
This report is about Dorothea Lange. The main reason I choose her was because, she was a
women and I thought I could probable wright better about her for that reason.

Dorthea was born in 1895 and died in 1965. Dorthea's first photographic job was as a
commercial portrait photographer in San Francisco in the 1920's. Her first independent
work was taking pictures of native American's in the southwest with her first husband
Maynard Dixon.

In the early 1930 Dorthea got tired of the working in the studio so she decided to head to
the streets. By this time the Great Depression was underway. She was living in California
and had access to a lot of out of work people. Now she was with her second husband Paul
Schuster Taylor, documenting the struggles of all the people in need . Dorthea would take
the pictures of the people and Paul would write essay's to go with them. She took pictures
of family's migrating west to look for job that didn't exist, she took pictures of the
dust bowl and of other numerous thing's. Thing's that showed the truth of the Depression,
what was really happening. During this time she took what is probably her most famous
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