Dragonsbane Paper

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The setting for Dragonsbane was in about the 1400's in a place called Wyr.

Jenny John and Gareth are the main characters. Jenny is a wizard women who is always
trying to advance her skills but still isn't very good. John is Jenny's husband and is
also a dragon's bane, which means that he has slayed a dragon. Gareth is a prince who's
hero is John. And final Zyerne, she is also a wizard women whom is the most powerful in
the land.

Gareth comes up from the South to ask of John's assistance in slaying a dragon that is
threatening the King's lands. John decides to go with him and talk to the king.

When they get there they find out that Zyerne is holding the king under some sort of spell
and using him for her bidding.

John talks to the king and gets ready to slay the dragon. He asks Jenny to make the most
powerful poisons she can and then dips his harpoons in it. John then rides off to slay the
dragon. When the battle his over Jenny goes out to were the battle happened and finds the
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