Compare and Constrast Essay on Drinking Age

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Drinking Age

The drinking age in the United States is a contradiction. At the age of eighteen, one can
drive a car, vote in an election, get married, serve in the military and buy tobacco
products. In the United States you are legally an adult at eighteen. An eighteen-year-old,
however, cannot purchase alcoholic beverages. The minimum drinking age should be lowered
from twenty-one in the United States.

Unbelievably, the United States citizens trust their sixteen-year-old children to drive
three thousand pound vehicles. We require our working young to pay taxes. We trust the
decision-making abilities of eighteen year olds in public elections, with the right to
smoke, and with the choice of marriage without parental consent. Our young adults are
encouraged to join the army and fight for their country. We however believe that until the
age of twenty-one our young adults can not handle alcohol.

There is an ever-growing problem on campuses all across the nation with the abuse of
alcohol. College freshman, usually nineteen, enter college with a bias involving the
drinking law. In almost every aspect other than the drinking age, these freshmen are
considered adults. However, they are told by the law they are not responsible enough to
handle alcohol.

Elizabeth Whelan declares, "Banning drinking by young people makes it a badge of adulthood
-- a tantalizing forbidden fruit". This badge of adulthood is quickly attained by college
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