Drinking problem Essay

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drinking problem

How do you tell if someone has a drinking problem? It is often a judgment made after
assessing the persons drinking habits, how much and when, the effect on him emotionally
and physically also family members, friends, employers, and the law. Although there are
some ways to find out whether or not someone has a drinking problem, there is also no
single set of criteria, which defines the problem drinker. You can ask whether the
drinking has affected the personís physical and emotional well being. Has his
relationships with his family and friends been affected? Has the persons job been
affected, missing work because of drinking, been reprimanded by his employer? Has the
person been in trouble with the law because of drinking? In more areas where alcohol has
had an effect the more likely the persons drinking is problematic.

Here are some definitions on different types of drinkers. First the moderate drinker.
This type drinks occasionally or a relatively small amount of alcohol with some
regularity. Such people are ones who have a cocktail before dinner or wine with their
meal. Second is the heavy drinker. This is one who drinks everyday for at least a year.
Also every week or two during the year a heavy drinker will drink more than six drinks at
one setting. An important part of this definition is that no problems are reported as a
result of the drinking. Last we will discuss the problem drinker. This type drinks as
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