Druigs And Sports Essay

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Druigs And Sports

When athletes use drugs

In many schools athletes are required to sign a contract in order to play

sports. The contracts include of many rules and regulations that prohibit

activities that will jeopardize the athlete's performance. The use of drugs

and alcohol are strictly forbidden. Vandalism and other actions that would

result in any type of illegal happenings is also banned. The main problem with the

contracts is that the students don't always obey them. Many athletes will

still go out and party and drink and smoke and get into other activities

that will harm their minds and bodies.

"Stimulants" are drugs that stimulate the central nervous

system and produce an increase in alertness and activity. They include

caffeine, cocaine, and the amphetamines. The amphetamines are composed of

three closely related drugs that stimulate the central nervous system and

promote a feeling of alertness and an increase in speech and general

physical activity. Some people take these drugs under medical supervision to

control their appetite, but many of these drugs are used at parties to "get

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