Earth Worms

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earth worms

Earth Worm
Parts Function
Digestive System
- Prostomium - a small fleshy lobe that extends over the mouth, used to help dig through the soil
- Mouth - the entrance for food into the digestive system, located under the prostomium
- Pharynx - A tube at the beginning of the digestive tract that creates a sucking action to remove food particles from the soil, located just behind the mouth
- Esophagus - a narrow passage in the digestive track that connects the pharynex to the crop
- Crop - a temporary storage area in the digestive track , food waits here before it passes to the remainder of the digestive track
- Gizzard - an area in the digestive track where strong muscles grind the food in preparation for digestion
- Intestine - Nutrient digestion and absorption take place in this part if the digestive track.
- Anus - Digestive wastes are expelled through this opening located on the posterior end of the worm.
Nervous system
- Brain - a center of nerve cells that coordinate all of the activities of the worms body
- Ventral nerve cord - A cord of nerves that runs the length of the body along the bottom or belly of the worm. All nerve impulses to and from the brain are carried din this cord
Circulatory System
- Aortic Arches - a group of 5 muscular tubes that pump blo

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