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eBay's Global Community

As I read through some of the discussion threads of eBay sellers, I realized how
technology has allowed us to form international community of consumers with established
rules and regulations. Doing business through eBay still seems a little risky but the fact
that the majority of people still live ethically has allowed e-bay to succeed. Like in
every society there are people that still try to circumvent the system and will try to get
away with unethical activities. Through the discussion forum, eBay sellers have
established an environment in which anyone can communicate the problems they have
encountered and ask for advice for handling those situations. Sellers also have the option
to offer suggestions on how to make the selling process better. Some of the issues that I
found interesting in nature were how e-bay sellers handle non-paying bidders, feedback
concerns, and international selling.

The hot topic that I found in many discussion threads was the issue with non-paying
bidders. This problem makes it difficult for sellers to continue selling with confidence
and it also makes it hard for new sellers to start selling. Non-paying bidders also
prevent honest bidders from actually purchasing the item. This also forces the seller to
place the item on auction again, incur a re-listing fee, and they may not also get the
high bid that they had the first time. It also causes retaliatory negative feedback from
the non-buyer to the seller. The sellers have addressed this issue by providing
suggestions and answering each other questions. Some of the ways the seller community is
handling the issue of non-paying bidders is by filing non-paying bidder alerts and
FVFC(Final Value Free Credits). Consensus from the seller community is that filing
negative feedback is not sufficient because eBay does not suspend a non-paying bidder
until their feedback number reaches about a negative three. However, if the seller files
the FVFC, E-bay will suspend the bidder if three sellers have filed on the same bidder.

eBay also addressed this situation by conducting a workshop titled "Reducing Unpaid
Items". The workshop was conducted by the eBay staff and was opened to the entire seller
community. I think that this type of format is very useful to eBay sellers, because it
gives them the chance to voice their concerns directly to eBay and get immediate feedback
as to what is being done to address those concerns. Some things that were discussed were
some causes of unpaid items and some practices that sellers can adopt to reduce unpaid
items. Some causes of unpaid items are international buyers, dead e-mail accounts, and
sellers that don't file in fear of negative feedback. Some of the practices that they
suggested to sellers were to offer PayPal, utilize eBay checkout, include shipping costs
in the shipping details, and use Immediate Payment on BIN(Buy it Now) listings. The eBay
staff also provided links with suggestions and updates on what they were currently working
on. The response of the seller community was positive and was even taken back to the
discussion forum.

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