Ebola Compare and Constrast Essay

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The Ebola Virus

Overview of the Virus

Official Name: Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever

I. Initial Symptoms

A. Sudden Fever

B. Weakness

C. Muscle Pain

D. Headache

E. Sore Throat

II. Secondary Symptoms

A. Vomiting

B. Diarrhea

C. Rash

D. Limited Kidney Function

E. Limited Liver Function

F. Internal and External Bleeding

III. Incubation

A. 2 to 21 days

B. It remains in the male's reproductive fluids up to 7 weeks after recovery

IV. Diagnosis and Therapy

A. Blood tests can be done, but only in maximum containment conditions

There is no treatment or vaccination for the virus


I. Initial Outbreak

A. It came from an unknown origin

B. 1976 in Zaire

C. Nobody knew how to cure it since it was the 1st outbreak

1. The infected congregated in public areas

2. The disease spread rapidly

D. There was another outbreak in Sudan

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