Ecclesiology Essay

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Soteriology is the study of salvation. There is election and calling. Election is an
eternal act of God, in his sovereign pleasure He chooses a certain number of sinful men to
be recipients of the special grace of His Spirit and be made voluntary partakers of
Christ's salvation. The scriptures teach the doctrine of personal election, and refer to
the sovereign will and mercy of God. People may say that this is unfair. That God is
showing favoritism, but there is scriptural basis. "1) God has a sovereign right to bestow
more grace upon one subject than another, grace being unmerited favor to sinners. (Romans
9:20-21) 2) God has been pleased o exercise this right in times past when dealing with
men. (Psalm147:20;John 15:16). 3) God must have some other reason than that of saving as
many as possible in light of the way in which He distributes His grace. (Matthew 11:21:
Roman 9:22). Those that still have concerns with election should read the scriptures.
(Mark,Luke, Genesis) election is a matter of grace and deals with sinful, guilty, and
condemned creatures.

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