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If I were the economic czar of the United States and I could decide exactly what the U. S.
economic growth package should be this is what I would do. As of right now I do not think
that the United States needs a stimulus package. At the current moment the U.S. is
coming out of a recession cased by september 11th. Right now I think that given we are
pulling out of the recession a stimulus package is not necessary. The U.S. is predicting
a deficit, which will cause the government to cut the budget, and increase spending in
others, which will hopefully increase growth. Over 1 million people have lost there jobs
in the last year and the U.S. needs to decrease the unemployment rate. One way of doing
this is to encourage Big business to invest which will in turn create jobs.

The long run is the most important thing for the U.S. right now. Coming out of the
recession we have the opportunity to plan ahead and hopefully create a solid economic base
for the future. To ensure long run growth I think the government needs to make permanent
tax cuts to ensure long term growth. The U. S. deficit will continue until 2005, at that
time I think that the U.S. needs to increase spending and still encourage big business
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