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I would like to propose a plan to add the following things to our school building. First
of all I feel that we need an auditorium to the area where the basketball courts used to
be. The project will cost 15,000$ and will take up the area where the old basketball
courts used to be. I believe that the benefits of adding an auditorium would heavily
outweigh the costs because the students will have a place to rehearse, a place to hold
large assemblies and a place to put on performances, rather then using someone else's
facility''s. We would be able to put on our concerts without paying money to rent out
space to use.

The second idea I have would make in our school would be to add-on to our gymnasium. Our
gym facility that we have now is far to small to perform physical activity''s. Our sports
teams need an area to practice when there is inclimate weather. The room that we use now
for a gym is more like a classroom then a gym. The cost for the new gym would be 10,000$
and it would take up some of the area in the school yard.

The final idea I have for additions to our school would be to make our lunchroom bigger.
The room we eat lunch in now is not suitable to hold the number of children it needs to in
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