Edgar Allen Poe Except

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Edgar Allen Poe


Edgar Allen Poe was born in 1809 in Boston. His stories were about love and sadness. He
died when he was 40 years old in 1849. People said that they found him unconscious and
believed him drunk. He was an excellent writer that kept people fascinated with stories.
He died as he lived all his life was miserable and with out hope. It believed that he uses
a drug named opium that helped him use his imagination and he uses alcohol. Those were his
inspirations and his story's that were so fabulous come from there. These things were
making him crazy and took him out of control. A thing that made him even more crazy is
that everyone he had ever met or loved always semmed to have died from a disease called
tuberculosis. This made him very depressive also.

He was born to very poor family. His father was an actor that barley buy meat to eat. He
was a little boy when his father abandoned him and their brothers. After that his mother
got sick and few months later she died. He went to live with wealthy rich people but his
father didn't want to adopt him. His father was a businessman and decided to move to
England there he went to school to Manner House School. In 1820 he returned to Virginia
but he couldn't afford it and decide left school. He fall in love with a neighbor her name
was Elmira, but her father didn't want to accept their relationship. His stepfather
criticized him about his story saying that they were workless and he decided to leave his
house. He went to a military service but he realized that he like more poems than to be in
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