Ee120 cheat sheet Essay

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ee120 cheat sheet

Question 3-1
List the addressing modes of the Intel 8086. Show one instruction example of each.
Register: mov AX, BX Based: mov[BX] 1234, AL
Immediate: mov AX, 1234H Indexed: mov AL, [SI] 1234
Direct: mov cx, [1234H] Based index: mov AH, [BX] [SI] 12
Register indirect: mov AX, [SI]

Question 3-3
Assembler-A program that converts the assembly language source program to the corresponding machine language program
Complier-The program that converts high-level language statements to machine code instructions
Loader-A computer program that loads another program into memory all operating systems including loaders
Operating System-A system software that represents a group of programs that enables the microcomputer to operate
BIOS-Basic Input/Output system
I/O-input/output-the I/O address space is the place where I/O interfaces, such as printer and monitor ports are
Stack-temporary storage of information such as data or addresses
Heap-A common pool of free memory usable by a program. A part of the computer is memory used for
Dynamic memory allocation, in which blocks of memory are used in an arbitrary order
Source Code-programs written in assembly language
Object Code-The machine language output produced by the assembler
Real-time Application-the task required by the application must be completed before any
other input to the program can occur that will alter its operation

Parallel Processing-several simultaneous operating processing units
Multi-processing-Using two or more processors in the same computer, or two or more
computers connected together, to execute more than one program or instruction
at the same time

Question 3-5
a.) B000 d.) B000
0200 0200
PA=B200 0400
b.) B000 PA=B600
0100 e.) B000
PA=B100 0300
c.) B000 0200
0300 0400
0400 PA=B900

Question 8-1
Minimum Mode-the 8088 directly produces the control signal for interfacing memory and I/O devices. In
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