Effects of alcohol

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effects of alcohol

The Effects of Alcohol

The effects of im

moderate use of alcohol are seen in two major ways. First is the every day drinker that
uses alcohol on a regular basis to function. Second is the “binge” drinker
this type of drinker may be able to sustain from alcohol for a period of time but once
they have a drink they usually cannot control the amount of alcohol they consume. Both can
have a tremendous effect on the life of the drinker causing loss of jobs, family and
friend’s as well as health problems. Alcohol has both short term and long-term

The short-term effects of alcohol. The short-term psychological effect is to suppress the
central nervous system. At low alcohol levels the person may have trouble walking or
talking. Higher levels may cause a person to pass out or even die. The effects of
alcohol vary from one person to the next; Weight, food, heredity and drinking habits are
some of the reasons why the effects of alcohol may vary.

The short term psychological effects can include happiness, loss of inhibitions, poor
judgment, reduced concentration and can even impact a persons sex life.

Long-term psychological effects of alcohol. These effects can be much more serious.
Alcoholics in this stage seem to go through four different phases.

Pre-alcoholic symptomatic phase. This stage is where the alcoholic starts out as a social
drinker. Alcohol relieves tension so the drinker starts to drink more often.

Prodromal phase. In this stage the drinker’s thoughts tend to be mostly about
alcohol. They may try to hide their drinking and try to consume larger amounts in a
shorter time period. This type of drinker tends to feel guilty and they also tend to have

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