EHarmony Promotion and Price Essay

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eHarmony Promotion and Price is a subscription-based, relationship-building service that provides a unique
solution for serious single men and women seeking fulfilling, long-term relationships. It
is the only service, on- or offline, that utilizes empirical research, clinical study and
a patent-pending predictive technology to effectively match singles.
( The company's focus is matching people together who eventually
want to be married or at least have a long-term, committed relationship. Their company's
founder, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, is an older, distinguished gentleman, whose focus is to
put people together, and keep them together.

eHarmony's member count is at about five and a half million, with more than 9000 marriages
that they can confirm. Their clients tend to be college-educated, many with some secondary
education. From a psychographic standpoint these are people who are looking for a
long-term relationship; to find the love of their lives; and somebody with whom they can
get married. It caters to people who want to be matched on deep dimensions of
compatibility. As a result of more than 35 years of experience in counseling married
couples, Dr. Neil Clark Warren determined that there were 29 key drivers or dimensions of
long-term relationship-success like character, values, intellect, and emotional make-up.
The company has designed a compatibility quiz to determine these areas and match people
accordingly. The ‘29 Dimensions of Compatibility,' are lumped into four major categories
-- Character & Constitution; Personality; Emotional Makeup & Skills; and Family & Values.
The company has even patented the concept, known as the Compatibility Matching System™.

Their spokesman is Dr. Warren himself, and he appears in all of their TV spots, is the
voice in their radio ads, and appears in print advertisements as well. He is the unifying
message for the company. It is his model, and he explains it well. He keeps the terms
simple and straightforward - targeting those single adults who are looking for committed
relationships. In the TV ads, Dr. Warren speaks first and tells a bit about the service
eHarmony offers. The shot then breaks to focus on actual couples who have had success
using eHarmony. The radio ads feature Dr. Warren's voice, and go along the same lines as
the TV ads - it is his calm and mature voice, extolling the virtues of his company and how
the compatibility test will help you find your soul-mate. The print ads, running in
USAToday are prominent quarter-page ads featuring eHarmony's simple message - if you're
looking for deep, long-lasting, committed love, this is the place for you. The company
wants those adults to know that they are being matched based on deep, emotional levels,
rather than just matching ‘pretty' people together. The message is clear that if you're
just looking for a few fun dates, this is not the site for you. If, however, you want to
get married and settle down, eHarmony has the tools you need. The TV ads touts couples who
are either engaged or married, and allows them to tell their story. These true-to-life
examples are a clear message to prospective clients that eHarmony is for real. Another one
of the reasons their advertising works so well is that Dr. Warren embodies all the brand
attributes. He seems to truly care about his clients - he does all the talking, and people
believe him and trust him. He has credibility with over 35 years of research and
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