Einstein in love Essay

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Einstein in love

Einstein in Love: A Scientific Romance

When I first heard saw the title of this book, I was immediately intrigued. How could
Romance be scientific? It's one thing to have science involved in romance, or to be a
romantic scientist, but as much as I played with the semantics of the title I found myself
being curiously sucked into its storyline. The basic premise of this book, as one might
expect from the obvious title, is young Albert Einstein's perspective of love and romance.
I suppose that is entirely plausible for even a physicist to fall in love, but, rather
than detail all of the gritty mathematics of physics it portrays how even the brightest,
most ingenious of us all merely seeks to be normal and loved.

The book opens with an Eighteen year old Einstein in Zurich pondering love and many other
questions. Now at first glance I thought that it might go one of two ways: It's going to
focus on Einstein's life, or it's going to focus on his theories. It turns out that Dennis
Overbye incorporates all of Einstein's life, or at least the early part of it, and uses
the environment around Einstein as an explanation for why he might have theorized exactly
the way that he did.

It is true that when viewing one's surroundings one can usually gain a better
understanding of a lot of things, particularly if one understands what is going around
them. This is true for Einstein, and it was one of the major points that I took with me
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