Eleanor Roosevelt Essay

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Eleanor Roosevelt

"The Battle Of the Monarchs: Can Cathrine Really Be Worthy Of The Title Great?"

Monarchy is rule by a king or queen. This one person can use it's overall power for good
or evil. One very important monarch , probly the most powerful of all time, is Louis the
XIV . Another very imporatnt monarch was Cathrine the great, who ruled during the
mid-1700's. One could question if she was as succesful as , or even as known as louis the
XIV. It is also a thought whether or not she is worthy enough to be compared to him. Both
were very powerful , but who was the most powerful?

Both Cathrine and Louis wanted to expand the borders of their countries and there reginof
power. Cathrine wanted to expand the borders of Russia and succeded at it. When Turkey
declared war on Russia , in hopes of gaining power, lost. In th Treaty of Kuchuk Kainarji
of 1774 caused Russia to gain perminante access to the Black Sea. Thus , giving Cathrine
the upper hand at the time. Louis wanted to expand France but other European rulers
disagreed with him and ruled againsthim with other countries.Cathrine seemed very good at
keeping and gaining control of land.
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