Elian Gonzalez Should Stay In The U.s. Essay

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Elian Gonzalez Should Stay In The U.s.

Dear Rosa Delauro,After reading many articles in the newspapers and magazines that all
state, 6 year old Elian Gonzalez has been in the middle of an international tug-of-war
since he was found on Thanksgiving Day. Clinging to an inner tube at sea for two days
drifting after his family and him were trying to escape from Cuba for freedom. I have
decided that it is the right thing for little Elian to stay in the United States. The
phone rings: "Your 6-year old son has just been found in the ocean, shipwrecked, clinging
to an inner tube. His mother drowned. He is now in Miami hospital." Do you respond? "I'll
be there as soon as I possibly can." or "Send him back to me. I demand it." Elian's
biological father Juan Gonzalez was asked again and again. Why he didn't go to Miami to
see his son. He didn't answer the question all he demanded was that his son be returned to
him, finally threatening the Miami relatives with whom Elian is staying with. Juan says
his son is the subject of not only kidnapping but also child abuse. If your son was
kidnapped and abused, and the U.S. attorney general publicly said you were able to come
see him. Would you stay home? Well Juan Gonzalez is staying home. Why does he lack true
affection for the his son? Is he one of those political simpletons so colored with
Fidelism that he would rather let his abused son fail than give the slightest political
advance to the U.S. to see him. Should Elian be trusted to such a man like his father?
Juan lacks the abilities to provide even the basics for Elian. That is, food, security,
justice, freedom and the right to be happy. I think that Elian's father should not be
trusted with his son because he can't even come to the U.S. to see how his son is. If any
man in there right mind were able to leave Cuba to come see their child they would drop
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