Ellen Gates Starr Essay

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Ellen Gates Starr

Ellen Gates Starr
Co-founder of Hull House

Ellen Gates Starr, who was born in Illinois in 1859, enrolled in Rockford Female Seminary.
Here, she met what would be a long-time friend, Jane Addams. Together, they founded a
mansion in the city of Chicago. After fixing it up, the Hull House was formed. This
became the first settlement house in Chicago and in the United States, officially opening
in 1889. This mansion was surrounded by the slums of Chicago. They felt no need to move
it to another part of the city, but where it would feel more welcoming to the female
immigrants and their children. The reason for opening the mansion was to give women a
place to stay. Starr felt that the slums obviously weren’t sufficient enough.

The Hull House was an important step for the many Chicago immigrants needing help.
Although it started out as a nursery, the mothers of the children would sit in a room to
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