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Ellis Island Journal

Day 1:
Hi my name is William Wallace. I知 14 years old and I live in Britain. I知 going to
America on a boat that will drop us off at Ellis Island. I知 keeping a journal throughout
my voyage to America because one day I hope to send it back to Britain so all my
relatives can read what it was like. My parents can稚 come with me to America because
they only have enough money for one ticket and they told me that they want a better life
for me, so they are only sending me.

Tomorrow will be my first day on my voyage and tonight I need to pack and get all
belongings for the trip. My aunt Marry is gonna be there waiting for me. I can稚 wait
until I get to America and I am so excited about the trip. My parents have given me $15
incase of emergency, and told me that no mater what people say to you, never spend that
money on anything that is not mandatory.

Day 2:
Well I知 on the boat now but it seemed like it took me forever to get on it. All morning
I stood online waiting and waiting when realized that the reason I was waiting online was
because I had to fill out a Question sheet. If I remember, there were 29 or 30 questions
on the sheet but I think it was 29 every immigrant that was going to America had to fill
out the sheet. I知 not too sure what it was for but there were questions such as, 滴ow
much money are you carrying?,埜hat nationality are you? and 展hat is your native
language?, and a lot more stuff like that. At first I was scared to leave my parents and
my home country because I知 now all on my own, and I have no one to help me threw life for
the next couple of days. To tell you the truth, I sort of feel helpless.

Day 3:
Today I was trying to get some fresh air on the boat and I came across a couple of older
men and women that were flipping a coin to see who would win money. I remembered that my
parents told me about stuff like this and they said it was called gambling. They also
told me that I can never do stuff like this and especially while I知 on my voyage. These
older men and women kept trying to ask me to play but I kept saying no to them. They
wouldn稚 stop asking and I didn稚 know what to do so I just ran away and went back to my

I didn稚 eat much at all today because I felt really seasick because there was a storm that lasted for the entire day.

Day 6:
I can稚 believe what happened to me. I lost me journal that day of the storm and I cried
for almost the entire next day. I was so happy today when I found my journal in my
suitcase in the inside pocket. I don稚 remember how it got there but I don稚 care because
I知 just glad that I found it.

We are suppose to arrive in New York harbor in 2 days and I知 starting to get really
nervous and scared. What happens if I get deported and I let my parents and family, in
Britain, down. I don稚 think they will ever love me again. They had such great
expectations for me in America and if I don稚 excepted into the country for some reason I
don稚 know if I would be able to face my family. I have to try to not think about these
things right now.

Day 7:
One of my roommates was telling me a lot of stuff about Ellis Island. Did you know that
there is an Angel Island on the west side of America somewhere, where all the same stuff
happens that happens on Ellis Island.

He also told me a lot of other stuff that he had read in a book. He said that Ellis
Island was the Island that would either make you or break you. He said that it was
nicknamed 典he Island of Hope and The Island of Tears. He said that 1,000 people per
month were sent away and deported. He said that the goal for all immigrants was to get
through the golden doors. He said that 9 out of 100 people were held for mental illness.
He said that the American goal was to keep a healthy work force. The one thing that
really caught my attention was that he said that a lot of the people that died on Ellis
Island were children.

I was starting to get really scared at all the things that I was told about Ellis Island
but I tried to put it behind me and convince myself that he didn稚 know what he was
talking about and was just trying to scare me. I couldn稚 help to thing though that he
was right and was telling the truth.

I find that the main reason people are scared it because they don稚 want to be deported.

Day 8:
When I woke up today, I saw something amazing, it was The Statue of Liberty. It was
breathtaking and I new it was big but I never new that it was this big and this beautiful.
When I saw it, I kept thinking of freedom and how good my life would be if I lived in
America with my aunt. I would make a lot of money and be able to bring my entire family
from Britain hear to 典he Promise Land and we would live a great life together.

When we were pulling up to the dock and everyone was pushing and shoving to try to get to
the front. It really didn稚 matter though because there were so many people already
there. The line seemed endless and it seemed like I never was going to make it onto to
American soil. For the first time I realized that my life was about to change and I was
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