Elmer Kelton Essay

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Elmer Kelton

In Elmer Keltons “Politically Correct or Historically Correct” he mentions
about the way people see and describe historical events. Some people can describe
an event completly diffrent then how another person is describing it simply
because it was seen in a different way then the other person. In fact, it could even
be because one of the people is describing or telling the event the way it was told
to him by someone else or simply because it is the way that he wants to interpret
that event. Many of the people that write about historical events have a tendency
to leave the bad side of it and always talke about the good side of things.
Most of the historical books where written by men, or that is what most
people think. It is very difficult to find a book written by a women especially if it
was in the West. Kelton stated that there were books written by women but it was
difficult to find them. Actually this is true, but it has changed, through out the
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