Emotional Abuse Essay

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Emotional Abuse

The study of interobserver reliability tested the level of agreement among child welfare
workers on the presence or absence of emotional abuse and several other forms of neglect
and child abuse. Contrary to expectations, soaring levels of accurate identification and
agreement was attained. Regardless of the high level of interobserver reliability, the
validity of the notion is questioned. Training for the sample used in the study is
evidently effective.

Interobserver reliability is one of the dominant issues facing child protective service
workers. Its importance escalates as the signs of the neglect or abuse become more
abstract and less obvious. The main concern of interobserver reliability is if multiple
observers concur on the presence or absence of a particular happening. The level of
agreement will be overwhelmingly affected by the transparency of the definitions of abuse
and neglect and the extent to which staff are trained in their application. At least one
other study raised concerns about this issue because it applies to various aspects of
child protective services information processing and definition. A national organization
has been formed to fight false accusations called "VOCAL" (Victims of Child Abuse Laws).

In the early phases of the child protective services movement, physical abuse was their
main concern. Decades later other types of abuse with unclear indicators have come to
prominence, such as emotional abuse and neglect. Emotional abuse and neglect are abstract
concepts and provide the basis for concern as to whether child protective service workers
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